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Private lessons are given weekly at a minimum of 30 minutes per student. Advanced students and families requiring more than 60 minutes will receive a multi-hour discount. Lessons are given at the teacher’s home studio. Exceptions to have the lesson at the student's home may be made for special circumstances with a surcharge for travel time (see paragraph for per lesson rates).   Private lessons focus primarily on technique and repertoire as well as musicianship and creative skills. A successful musical experience will require cooperation and communication between student, parent and teacher. My goal is to create a lifelong love of music and learning while nurturing the artistic spirit in each student.

Student/Parent Expectations

  • Students are expected to come prepared for their lessons with pieces practiced and written work completed.

  • Even if the student has had a less than desirable practice week, it is important for the student to have their lesson. Lesson time can be used for many other developmental musical skills outside of what the student may be able to practice and acquire on their own.

  • Confidence and progress are made with the consistency of practice and lessons.

  • All students must have either an acoustic piano that is well maintained and tuned, or a touch sensitive full-sized keyboard with pedal attachment.

  • Parental involvement is crucial for student success. Please help your child to stick to a practice routine, and see that practice time is free of distractions.

  • Parents of young elementary-age children who are beginners, are asked to be present at the lesson so they may help and monitor their child’s practice.

  • Specific instructions of assignments and practice will be given in the students notebook and parents of young students are encouraged to monitor the progress and completion of assignments.

  • Consistent practice is key and the amount is dependent upon the students’ age and level. Explanation will be clearly given to each student/parent for what is required for the week’s practice.


By registering and paying in advance for your lessons, your studio slot and time are reserved for you for the teaching year and the student will be eligible to participate in the studio recitals.  Whether you are paying by month, or for the term, you are committing to pay for 16 weeks of lessons at the start of each term. Please note the attendance policy below. 


Registration for Spring 2021 will open starting in December 2020.  Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot during December enrollment. 

The Spring term will start the week of January 24, 2021 and run through May 15, 2021.

All lessons will be scheduled on a week-by-week basis until the start of the Fall 2020 term at the per lesson rate.

Choose payment by month or term

Advance payment rates: Teacher’s studio rate is $50 per hour and $40 per additional hour(s). 

Pay by Month
The monthly payment will be due the first lesson every four weeks in the term for a total of four payments in the 16 week term.

Monthly Payment:                                                 

30 minute lesson                                                    $100                                                                        

45 minute lesson                                                    $150                                                                       

60 minute lesson                                                    $200                                                                         

75 minute lesson                                                    $240                                                                        

90 minute lesson                                                    $280                                                                        

105 minute lesson                                                  $320                                                                        

120 minute lesson                                                  $360                                                                        

Pay by Term
If the student/parent chooses to pay by the term for the Fall/Spring semesters, they will receive one free lesson. The term price is reduced by one lesson

payment, but must be paid in advance by the second lesson of each term. If there is a vacation planned, or there is an illness, there is no financial loss, which is the benefit of the term payment. If the miss is not used, the lesson is free.

Term Payment: (Fall and Spring)                                                                        

30 minute lesson                                                    $375                                                                        

45 minute lesson                                                    $562.50                                                                      

60 minute lesson                                                    $750                                                                       

75 minute lesson                                                    $900                                                                     

90 minute lesson                                                    $1,050                                                                     

105 minute lesson                                                  $1,200                                                                     

120 minute lesson                                                  $1,350                                                                   


Per lesson rates

Per lesson rates are only available during interim weeks, or in the case that a student requests lessons in addition to the weekly lesson time.

$50 per hour.  Lessons outside the teacher's studio may be considered.  A surcharge and prorate of $15 per hour of travel time will be added to each lesson.

(E.G., you have a 30 minute lesson per week ($25) and you live 15 minutes from the studio address - you would pay an additional $7.50 for the round trip of drive time for a total lesson bill of $32.50). Payment is due at the time of lesson.

Online/Remote lessons now available 

If you live outside the region to have an in-person lesson, or wish to have remote a lesson due to safety concerns, I offer Zoom lessons with multiple camera 

angles for a true virtual lesson experience.

Late payment 

If you know that a payment may be late, or need to make special arrangements, never hesitate to contact me, as I am always happy to work with you. However, if payment is late with no advance notice, a $10 fee will be added to the total.

Forms of payment

Payment types accepted: cash, check, direct deposit, or Venmo.  Checks payable to: Joseph Satava


  • Make-ups of cancelled lessons may be available with advance notice by discretion of the teacher.  

  • The teacher will always make-up lessons that are missed.

  • Lesson times will not be extended for tardiness.

  • Any tardiness on the teacher's part will be made-up.

Terminating lessons

Any termination initiated by the parent/student requires 60 days written and paid tuition notice.  If the student has paid for the term, 2 months will be charged and any remainder will be refunded. Any student whose payment is more than 30 days in arrears or misses two consecutive lessons without notifying the teacher may be terminated at the discretion of the teacher.

Studio Recital

There will be two recitals scheduled each year.  A holiday concert and end of year recital in May/June.  Stay tuned to dates and location which will begin academic year 2020-2021. UPDATE -20/21 recital dates TBD until Covid restrictions are lifted.

A final word

It is a profound privilege to teach piano, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with each of you.  Please do not hesitate to speak with me if any aspect of this policy is not clear or causes concern.  The artistic discovery made with each student is a great source of joy for me, and I thank each of you for your hard work and commitment to our musical journey.  

Studio address:

1116 Luzerne St. Ext.

Johnstown, PA 15905

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